Salem student takes up Kaskaskia College President on free lunch five years after invitation

September 2, 2022

Students taking a selfie with the President in his office.

Pictured (l-r): Gracee Mejorada, President George Evans, and Jessica Wescher.

Who says great presentations don’t leave lasting impressions? When Kaskaskia College President George Evans gave a Work Ethics presentation to a group of junior high school students in 2017, he never imagined a 7th-grade student would remember to take him up on his offer five years later. Yet, Jessica Wescher of Salem, IL, remembered his promise to those students. 

During that presentation, President Evans asked the students to start thinking about where they were going to college, with the promise that if they chose KC, they could bring back the distributed flyer as a KC freshman for free lunch during their first week on him.  

Wescher, inspired to think about her future education plans, made a note on her flyer with the presentation date to bring back the brochure to President Evans on the first day of school. She stopped by the President’s Office on the first day of class with friend Gracee Mejorada to remind President Evans of his promise.

“What a disciplined young woman- I couldn’t match my socks in 7th grade,” said President Evans. “She managed to keep that brochure and promise I made for over five years. I honored my promise to her and her friend; it was the best money I had ever spent.”


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