Kids in College at Kaskaskia (KICK) – Tote Bag Making

June 17, 2021

Children with tote bags

Back Row: Alice Lurkins-Crothers (Greenville), Sophia Jervis (Trenton), Alli Wayman (Greenville), Nova Roeder (Greenville), Maelynn Schneck (Greenville), and Reece Worstell (Greenville). Front Row: Sylvia Jervis (Trenton), Owyn Mendenhall (Greenville), and Nora Marcoot (Greenville).

“Tote Bag Making” KICK class:  A one-day class held at the Kaskaskia College Greenville Education Center on June 16, 2021. Participants re-purposed a t-shirt to make a tote bag. 

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