Kaskaskia College Approved to Offer New Fine Arts Degrees

April 27, 2020

Kaskaskia College is happy to announce that the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) has approved the College to now offer an Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Art Degree as well as an Associate in Fine Arts Degree in Art Education.

The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Art offers instruction in four major categories: Studio, History, Criticism, and Aesthetics. This will all be completed through Studio and Art History courses. The curriculum is organized to utilize current technologies and materials in the arts and challenge creative thinking and problem solving. Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, 2D Design, 3D Design and Graphic Design along with Art History and Art Appreciation will all be offered. The AFA in Art degree will transfer to a four-year degree at a senior institution or prepare you to work as a professional artist, at printing companies and marketing agencies.

The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Art Education is designed for students seeking courses in art history, art studio and PK-12 education. Students will have a broad foundational experience in studio arts and history. Exploring aesthetics, materials, visual culture and history while receiving the introductory education classes preparing them for a bachelor’s degree in art education at a senior college or university.

Tim Wight, Art Professor at Kaskaskia College says that the  Associates in Fine Arts in Studio Art is designed to give students more studio classes than traditional AA we had at KC. “It will help students transfer into a BFA degree at a senior university without having to take introduction studio classes and be able transition into advanced studio classes”.

He adds that the Associate in Fine Arts in Art Education is designed to give students core studio classes with an accompanying introduction to education class and classroom experience. “Most BFA degrees in art education ask that you complete the studio classes in your freshman and sophomore years so that you can follow up with advanced art education classes in your junior and senior years”.

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Kellie Henegar, adds the AFA in Art and Art Education offers the art student in the KC district a pathway to a four-year institution's art program.  “In addition, the college is working on formal articulation agreements (2 +2s) with our four-year partners.  We are very happy to see our program back after the budget impasse.  Under Professor Tim Wight's leadership we look forward to offering new art studio classes next year and providing these new degree options to our district students that want to study art”. 

For more information on both degrees visit the Kaskaskia College website at www.kaskaskia.edu or email Professor Wight at twight@kaskaskia.edu.


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