Cathleen Maloy is Kaskaskia College Success Story

June 29, 2020

Student Cathleen Maloy

Cathleen Maloy of Iuka graduated in 1996 from Sandoval High School.  She currently only has one mathematics class to finish her degree in Welding.  She previously attended Kaskaskia and received an Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice.

While attending Kaskaskia, Cathleen was active in helping Professor Cory Wellen with the high school welding competitions held the past two years. 

When she chose to go back to college, her original thought was nursing but changed majors to welding.  “Welding has been my passion since high school”, she says.

Cathleen currently works at Jarco in Salem but is laid off due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, though she has high hopes she will be returning to work very soon. 

Cathleen says, “I love that KC is convenient and affordable.  The fact that local communities come together and Kaskaskia meets the vocational needs of supply and demand in our area and takes education to the next level is a true blessing for our area.  I'm so thankful to have this opportunity here in our local area.” 

Professor Wellen says of his student, “Cathleen came into the program with a great passion for welding.  She was exploring other fields, and decided to follow her passion. When she got here she was worried about being a female in a male dominated trade.  With her attitude and drive she has excelled in the welding field”. 

She adds, “The teachers at the Crisp Center have all made me feel so welcome. Not once has anyone judged me for wanting to educate myself in a man's field.  They have all taken time outside of the normal teaching hours to make sure I understand what is being taught and even shared a few stories and laughs along the way.”

“But my biggest shout out goes to Professor Cory Wellen who never gave up on me and took the time to believe in me and show me the way even when things seemed impossible.  He has helped me make projects, showed us things he thought would help us at our particular job... and speaking of job... Cory will help anyone land a good job if he thinks you are able and qualified!”

She says that Professor Wellen was her biggest asset when getting the job at Jarco.  “He is a patient man with plenty of knowledge on welding. He will put in his time in on and off the clock.  He is just an all-around good guy and I feel blessed for having him as my teacher”.

When Cathleen was nearing completion of her degree, she earned a job at Jarco in Salem building propane trucks.  Wellen adds, “When at school Cathleen wanted to learn everything possible.  Students like her are great because they pay attention and want to learn as much as possible.  She has great work ethic and skill which are two of the most desired qualities in the field.  Aside from this, she also donated her time to the welding program by helping with the high school welding contest and attending an advisory board meeting.  When people like her are involved it makes it a lot easier to succeed.  She is also proof that women can do this job and be good at it.  She is not only a good welder and worker, but she is also a great person”.

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