Kaskaskia College Holds Business Management and Accounting Program Advisory Meeting

October 31, 2019

KC staff and community members who attended he Business and Accounting Advisory Board Meeting

Pictured are those attending the meeting. 1st row – David Michael, KC Professor of Accounting; Michelle Barbee (Salem) of Safe Sheds; Steven Groner, University of Illinois Extension; and Terry Bill (Centralia), Bill’s Tax Service. In back is Suzanne Arndt, Senior Accountant for Kaskaskia College; Jeana Abrams (St. Louis) of Kiefer Bonfanti and Company; Stephanie Klie, Professor of Business; and Becky Wilmoth (Centralia) of Bills Tax Accountants.

The Kaskaskia College Business and Accounting Advisory Board met recently to discuss current trends in the business and accounting industries, growth in the business and accounting programs, changes in the programs since the last Advisory Board meeting, and potential enhancements to the degrees and certificates offered in each program.  In addition, the Advisory Board had a robust discussion on the Program Level Outcomes within each of the programs and the assessment method of each outcome. 

In the Accounting Program, the advisory board provided great feedback on the Business Accounting Degree and expressed interest in including the importance of Cyber Security in the degree.  Threats to businesses’ information seem to be increasing, and the Advisory Board believes these threats need to be identified and discussed in the classroom.  The Advisory Board also reiterated the importance of stressing good ethics and integrity in the work-place and wanted to ensure that the accounting program placed a strong emphasis on instilling ethical behavior in its students.  The Board discussed the idea of including more fraud cases for students to read about and analyze.

For Business, the Advisory Board provided feedback on the excellent changes made in the degrees and certificates since the last meeting.   The Board also opined on the amount of hours that should be required to complete the semester-long internship and felt that 15 hours per week was sufficient.  The Board also had a robust and lengthy discussion on ways to enhance the Internet Marketing and Advertising Certificate in order to better promote the excellent courses offered within the program.  Much of the discussion centered around the absolute necessity for many small business owners and entrepreneurs to know the material taught in the certificate.  The Advisory Board put much emphasis was on social media marketing, blogging and writing skills, and methods to enhance the brand of the business and individual.

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