Dimond Bros. and Grunnell Mutal Make Final Payment to Kaskaskia College Nursing Education Center

November 26, 2019

Dimond Bros. Donate to Nursing Campaign

Dimond Brothers in partnership with Grunnell Mutual has made their final payment of the pledged $25,000 to the KC Nursing Education Center.  A classroom has been named in their honor!

Agent Tom Simpson of Dimond Bros representing Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company says, “We are honored to have helped the Nursing Program, specifically the Nursing Building Project.  We believe it is vital that nurses receive a quality education and Kaskaskia College can provide that with this wonderful nursing building”.

The Nursing Education Center opened its doors in 2017 and includes six classrooms fully equipped with instructional technology to enhance student learning and a computer lab to ensure available space for online testing and remediation, which are necessary for successful progression through the nursing programs and the passage of licensure examinations.  An impressive design feature of the new building is the addition of simulation labs designed as hospital rooms and furnished with human patient simulators that are programmed with life-like responses which students can hear and observe.  Future nurses and paramedics will learn and practice skills in this safe risk-free setting prior to interacting with real patients. The new building also includes Paramedicine and CNA classrooms/laboratories.  Central to the Paramedicine lab will be a model ambulance which will allow students to learn how to provide care in the limited space of an ambulance.

For more information, please call Suzanne Christ at 545-3060 or email schrist@kaskaskia.edu.

Random Photo of a Pretty Building

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