Standard 6 - Advisory Committee

Standard 6.1 – Membership

An Advisory Committee of at least five (5) members (not including school personnel), must convene at least two (2) working meetings a year to provide information, counsel and recommendations on behalf of the community served by the training program. This Committee should be broadly based and include former students, employed technicians, employers and representatives for consumers’ interests. All members of the Advisory Committee should not be from the same business.

  1. Meeting minutes from at least two meetings per year (one year for initial accreditation; five years for reaccreditation)
    • Advisory committee for the automotive program meets a minimum of twice per year. There is a Fall and Spring meeting with the option of calling extra meetings when needed.
      Minutes of past Advisory Committee meetings reflect meaningful discussions regarding all important aspects of the automotive program. The input by Committee Members are taken seriously and implemented into the program when appropriate.
      Auto instructors from local high schools with which we have articulation agreements are included in this committee.
  2. ... List of all Advisory Committee members and their affiliations.
    • First Name Last Name Business Address City State Zip
      Allen Auld Kaskaskia College 27210 College Rd Centralia IL 62801
      Jeff Brockman AutoZone 1028 E. Walnut Carbondale IL 62901
      Jim Cerny Retired Salem Community High School Instructor 221 Woodland Dr. Salem IL 62881
      Chuck DeBernardi Kaskaskia College 27210 College Rd. Centralia IL 62801
      Robert DeBernardi Bob's Engine Hospital 1313 N. Elm Centralia IL 62801
      Todd Dobbs Chaney and Karch Insurance 800 E. Noleman Centralia IL 62801
      Kevin Draege 720 E. 6th St. Centralia IL 62801
      Jesse Eagan 1050 Bethel Rd. Sandoval IL 62882
      Ken Faust Faust Automotive & Tires 101 W. Harrison St. Aviston IL 62216
      Thomas Fisher Salem Community High School 1200 N. Broadway Salem IL 62881
      Shane Gill 12839 Daiber Rd. Highland IL 62249
      Ed Hammann McKay Corporation - NAPA Auto Parts P.O. Box 70
      414 N. Old Route 66
      Litchfield IL 62056
      John Handegan Kaskaskia College 27210 College Rd. Centralia IL 62801
      Carl Huels Carl's Four Wheel Drive 1509 Carlyle Rd. Bartelso IL 62218
      Louis Keith LTD Ford 142 Clinmar Pl. Centralia IL 62801
      Mark Lambert CarQuest 221 W. Broadway Centralia IL 62801
      Chuck DeBernardi Kaskaskia College 27210 College Rd. Centralia IL 62801
      Doug Loy Doug Loy Auto Service Center 118 N. Chestnut Centralia IL 62801
      Rob Mensen Centralia High School 2100 E. Calumet Centralia IL 62801
      Wes Monken Monken Dodge Chrysler-Nissan-Jeep 1739 W. McCord Centralia IL 62801
      Todd Nickel OKAW Area Vocational Center 1109 N. 8th St. Vandalia IL 62471
      Anthony Pick Bi-State Transit 6365 County Highway 21 Nashville IL 62263
      Christopher Schempp AutoZone 324 S. Commercial St. Centralia IL 62801
      Larry Walton OKAW Area Vocational Center 1109 N. 8th St. Vandalia IL 62471
      Martin Wimberly Performance Plus 1411 US Highway 50 Odin IL 62870
      Brenda Yates CTE 200 E. Schwartz Salem IL 62881
Standard 6.2 – Review of Budgeting Funds

The Advisory Committee should provide input and review budgeted funds.

  1. ... Highlight pertinent discussion in Advisory Committee meeting minutes.
  2. ... Provide budget information and highlight pertinent discussion regarding budget in Advisory Committee minutes.

  3. For evidence, see:
Standard 6.3 – Annual Follow-up

Information gathered from the annual follow-up of program graduates and employers should be reviewed by the Advisory Committee to assess employment potential and provide input on program modifications.

  1. ... Describe the annual review process and provide an example from the annual survey data and Advisory Committee minutes with pertinent information highlighted.
    • This is a new Standard and as of this time we have not shared this information with our advisory committee.
  2. For evidence, see:
Standard 6.4 – Review of Curriculum

The Advisory Committee should provide guidance and approve all tasks added to the mandatory NATEF task list required for the program accreditation level being sought.

  1. … Highlight pertinent information in the Advisory Committee minutes.

  2. For evidence, see:
Standard 6.5 – Evaluation of Instruction, Tools and Equipment, and Facilities

The Advisory Committee should provide input in the evaluation of the instructional process to assure that the program goals are met. The Committee should also conduct annual inspections of tools and equipment to assure that they are up-to-date and comparable to industry standards for quality and safety.

The Advisory Committee should review information from safety inspections and conduct an annual evaluation of the facilities to assure compliance with local, state and federal safety and environmental rules and regulations. Additionally, the committee should review all safety practices for appropriateness in meeting program goals.

  1. … Highlight pertinent information in the Advisory Committee minutes.

  2. For evidence, see: