Standard 3 - Learning Resources


Standard 3.1 - Service Information

Service information with current manufacturer’s service procedures and specification data for vehicles manufactured within the last ten (10) years should be available. This information should be accessible to students while working in the lab/shop area.

  1. ... availability of service information with procedures and specifications for vehicles manufactured within the last 10 years by the major manufacturers.
  2. ... availability of the manufacturer's specification data in terms of location to the lab/shop area.
    • We have wireless access throughout our shop. Students can use our laptop computers to look up procedures and specifications without leaving the vehicle they are working on. Desk computer stations are located in all our lab and classrooms. The online manuals are available for the students to use at home during the semester they are enrolled in. Maybe seen during the tour of the automotive facility.

Standard 3.2 - Multimedia

Appropriate up-to-date multimedia materials such as video equipment, transparencies, CD ROM, etc. should be readily available and utilized in the training process.

  1. ... use of current multimedia technology in the training process as appropriate.
    • The Automotive classrooms are equipped with "multimedia" carts that are capable of projecting PowerPoint presentations, VCR format film, CD ROM video, Internet based information, and will project any learning materials that can be viewed on a computer screen. Up-to-date CD’s, videos are used in the teaching process and may be seen during the automotive facility tour or see shop pictures. The students are also using an internet learning program called DATO Diagnostic Scenarios.
  2. ... availability of multimedia materials for instructional purposes.
    • Instructional multimedia materials are stored in classrooms, instructor's office and labs in which they are used. The Multimedia department has a budget available for the purchase of commercially produced multimedia training materials.
      In addition to multimedia use during scheduled class time, most of our courses provide some level of internet assistance for student access after class.

Standard 3.3 - Periodicals

Current general and technical automobile magazines and newspapers should be available for student and instructor use.

  1. ... general and technical automotive magazines and newspapers available for student and instructor use in terms of being current.

Standard 3.4 - Student Resources

Pertinent instructional texts, resources, and e-learning materials should be available for each student to satisfy the objectives of the mode of instruction used. Basic and specialty learning resources should have copyright dates that are not over six (6) years old.

  1. The latest revisions of textbooks are utilized in each of the courses and are made available in the College Bookstore for students to purchase. Other instructor¬ developed handouts are also used when appropriate throughout the curriculum as well. We also use on-line program DATO scenario which help student move from classroom to hands-on.
    All textbooks used in the program have copyright dates that are no more than six (6) years old. For a current list of textbook see the web link: KC Bookstore. Mitchell online manuals are available for the students to use at home during the semester they are enrolled in.