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Employment Outlook

Future of the Industry
According to the US Truck Driver Shortage: Analysis and Forecasts, published May, 2005 by Global insight, Inc., the truck transportation industry in the U.S. is experiencing a national shortage of truck drivers. The report indicates that over the next 10 years, a 2.2% increase in long-haul, heavy-duty truck drivers, or a 320,000 jobs will e needed. At least another 219,000 new truck drivers will be needed to replace retiring or inadequate drivers. Combining these figures, the industry will increase driver demand by 539,000 people, or an average of 54,000 per year. It is estimated that if the trend keeps pace, then there will be a shortfall of 111,000 drivers.

Job Outlook
Overall job opportunities should be favorable for truck drivers, although opportunities may vary greatly in terms of earnings, weekly work hours, number of nights spent on the road, and quality of equipment. Competition is expected for jobs offering the highest earnings or most favorable work schedules. Average growth is expected.

Employment Opportunities
Overall employment of truck drivers and driver/sales workers is expected to increase by 8 percent over the 2006-16 decade, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations, due to growth in the economy and in the amount of freight carried by truck. Because it is such a large occupation, truck drivers will have a very large number of new jobs arise, over 258,000 over the 2006-16 period. Demand for long-distance drivers will remain strong because they can transport perishable and time-sensitive goods more effectively than alternate modes of transportation.

Benefits of Being a Professional Truck Driver
  • Start your career in the trucking industry in only eight weeks
  • You can earn up to an average of $42,000 annually according to the American Trucking Associations 2003 Driver Compensation Study.
  • Your future earnings will increase-experienced drivers routinely earn $45,000 to $60,000 a year or more
  • Typical benefits in addition to pay include insurance, retirement plans, paid vacations, and holidays.
  • Trucking jobs cannot be outsourced or moved abroad. Your job will stay in the country and your opportunities in the industry will grow.
  • Job security for safe and reliable drivers is virtually guaranteed anywhere in the North America.
  • In addition to increasing your earnings every year that you drive, professional drivers have the opportunity to advance in other areas including sales, management, logistics, and training.
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