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Welcome to Physical Geography 101

To access Physical Geography 101 click on the WebCT link above. This will take you to the KC WebCT site located at  (same link)

After clicking on that link you will either just log in, or if you have never had a WebCT class before on this server, you will have to create an account.

If you do not have an account on KC WebCT server, click on "create an account. "  After clicking on “create an account” you will be prompted for your full name and a user Id and password. You can use whatever ID and password you want to create your WebCtT account. But, to add a class you will use your first initial, last name, no spaces, and all lower case.  For example, someone named John Smith would put jsmith in both boxes. This is the standard all KC instructors use to “populate” their classes.


I you already have an account on the KC WebCT server, click on "Log in." Enter your User Name and Password and then you will have to add a class (GEOG 101). Click on the “add-a-class” button. Then click the categories window open and select the GEOG - Physical Geography category. Then click the update button. A listing of the Physical Geography (only one) course being offered will then appear. Select the course with the instructor’s name you have enrolled for. It will then prompt you to enter the ID and Password to add that class. This is your first initial, last name for both the ID and Password.

After entering this information and clicking continue you will then be taken back to your myWebCT interface. Here is displayed a list of the on-line classes you are enrolled in at Kaskaskia College.

If you are having trouble there are resources at

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