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Area High School Students Enrolled in News Kaskaskia College and Nascote Industries Begin Magna Track Program


Kaskaskia College and Nascote Industries are again working with the Magna Track Program that aims at investing in high school seniors that have a desire to obtain a good job with a great company.  Students enrolled in this spring’s program include Kately Brown (Centralia), Tyler Carns (Pinckneyville), Braydon Haggard (Tamaroa), Zack Obertini (Pinckneyville), Kennedy Ring (Centralia), Kyle Lamczyk (Ashley), and Shelby McAndrew (Nashville).  All students are now participating in an MSSC: Manufacturing Process and Production class customized by Kaskaskia College.  This hybrid class is held both online and Face to Face in Nashville.


Upon successful completion of The Magna Track requirements, students will be offered full time employment at Nascote Industries.  This win-win solution serves the students, the community and the manufacturers for long term growth and prosperity.


Kaskaskia College has developed the Manufacturing Process and Production Program based on the national certification standards developed by the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC).  This program is designed to train individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of manufacturing production at the front-line.  The goal of this program is to raise the level of performance of production workers both to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness.


Kaskaskia College and MSSC's vision is to train the workforce with high performance knowledge and skills necessary to boost the productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of manufacturing. The key benefits are to bring education to the workers in the industry trades. Employers can benefit by decreased recruitment cost due to industry recognized credentials. Another goal is to motivate, and retain qualified employees. Students who enroll in the course are expected to gain problem solving skills, decision making skills, Teamwork skills, Organizational and Planning skills, Good workplace Practices, and Adaptability. Students also gain college credits.


For more information on the program at Nascote, contact Crystal Nussel at 327-4381, ext. 333 or email Crystal.nussel@magna.com.  For more information on how your company can start a similar program, please call Mark Kohnen at 545-3414 or email mkohnen@kaskaskia.edu


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