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Horticulture Course Descriptions
HORT-101 Introduction to Horticulture 3 Credit Hours
An introduction to the principles and practices in the development, production, and use of horticulture crops (fruits, vegetables, greenhouse, turf, nursery, floral, and landscape). This class includes the classification, structure, growth and development, and environmental influences on horticulture plants; horticulture technology; and an introduction to the horticulture industries.
HORT-110 Applied Measurments in Horticulture 2 Credit Hours
Study of whole numbers, simple equations, decimals, averages, percentages, ratios and proportions, and formulas for solving practical problems in Horticulture occupations.
HORT-111 Landscape Plant Materials 3 Credit Hours
This course covers identification, culture, characteristics, and use of plants. Emphasis is placed on nomenclature, identification, growth requirements, cultural requirements, soil preferences, and landscape applications. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the proper selection and utilization of plant materials.
HORT-112 Soils 2 Credit Hours
This course will give the student an overview of soil structure, horizons, textural classifications and chemical properties. It provides a basic knowledge of soil pH, nutrient requirements and water requirements. Concepts for soil analysis and recommendations for tilth improvement, fertility and conservation practices are also covered.
HORT-115 Soils and Growing Media 3 Credit Hours
The physical and chemical qualities of the material in which plants grow, how they may be altered and how they affect plant growth, how they may be altered and how they affect plant growth. The concepts and effects of pH and fertility are introduced.
HORT-235 Plant Propagation 3 Credit Hours
An introduction to methods of propagation by seed and plant parts. Basic ideas essential to plant propagation will be discussed.
HORT-118 Floral Design 3 Credit Hours
The art of floral design is a hands-on course that presents the basic principles and elements of floral design including traditional and contemporary floral construction, wiring and taping flowers for corsages and boutonnieres, and holiday or special occasion designs. Proper identification use of tools, containers, and mechanics will be addressed. Students will gain knowledge of the rich history, diverse cultural significance and ancient theory of floral design. Identification, care and handling of fresh and everlasting flowers and foliages will be discussed. An emphasis will be placed on the business practices of the floral industry. Students will become familiar with the wide variety of industry careers and educational requirements.
HORT-121 Landscape Design and Construction I 3 Credit Hours
This course will provide students with the basic skills for planning and computer graphical representation of the landscape, including the development of site plan, section, elevation and perspective views, techniques and materials used in the landscaping. Includes structures and other non-plant materials used in the landscape. Students will participate in group landscape projects. The course will encourage the exploration of sustainable landscape solutions at the site scale based on the concept that a landscape designed for multiple functions (ecological, economic, and social)will meet the needs of society, while minimizing the negative impacts on the future environment.
HORT-130 Nature and Properties of Soils 3 Credit Hours
An introduction to the chemical, physical, and biological properties of soil; the origin, classification, and distribution of soils and their influence on people and food production; the management and conservation of soils; and the environmental impact of soil use.
HORT-133 Horticulture Practicum 2 Credit Hours
This course is designed to give students supervised experience working in areas already studied in previous horticulture courses.
HORT-212 Mathematics for the Green Industry 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to provide the student with an agriculturally relevant review of basic arithmetic, statistical and algebraic concepts. The application problems use current and realistic agricultural situations similar to those encountered by professionals engaged in agricultural production and equipment maintenance.
HORT-213 Personal Computers in Horticulture 4 Credit Hours
Designed for students in agriculture with focus on specific computer applications relating to agriculture business management. Students will be trained in MS Word and Excel, as well as exposure to other MS Office components. In addition, students will experience agriculture software programs such as Farmworks Farm Funds, Farm Stock, Farm Site, and potentially Fastools. The course will incorporate knowledge and application of GPS technologies to computer farm management systems.
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