Kaskaskia College Cosmetology is a special admissions department. Special admissions means all prospective students will begin the enrollment process by contacting Ms. Kelli for an enrollment appointment. At this personalized appointment, official high school or equivalency transcripts will be evaluated, the program curriculum will be explained, and necessary paperwork to begin the registration process will be signed.
Kaskaskia College Cosmetology has an English placement requirement. Students must be able to read and write at the grade level of the current edition of the Milady textbook. You’re ACT, SAT or other approved placement tests will be used to determine if you meet this requirement or need additional placement testing. Official High School or Equivalency transcripts should be mailed before your appointment or brought with you in an official sealed envelope from the issuing institution.
The FAFSA process should be completed as soon as possible to determine if you qualify for financial aid assistance and what types are available to you. You can contact the Financial Aid Office at Kaskaskia College for more information by calling or emailing them. Below you will find links to informational documents about program costs, dress code, certificate and degree options and classes included in our curriculum.