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Accounting Classes
2013 Summer 
ONLN - Online

Course #Title
ACCT-100 Accounting Principles
ACCT-101 Financial Accounting
ACCT-102 Managerial Accounting
ARTO-105 Introduction to Art
BIOL-101 Biology
BIOL-125 Human Biology
BIOL-146 Environmental Biology
BIOL-215 Microbiology
BUSN-103 Introduction to Business
BUSN-115 Marketing Fundamentals I
BUSN-127 Principles of Management
BUSN-149 Business Mathematics
BUSN-210 Legal & Social Envr of Busn
BUSN-215 Small Business Management
BUSN-216 Retail Mngmnt and Merchandisng
BUSN-227 International Business Mngmnt
CHEM-101 World of Chemistry
CHEM-103 General Chemistry
CHEM-210 Biochemistry
CITA-110 Intro to Word Processing
CITA-150 Com App & Busn Syst Concept
CITA-151 Intro to Computer Applications
CITA-240 Digital Illustration (Adobe)
CITG-185 Intro Comp Operating Systems
CITP-127 ASP.net
CITW-110 Web Site Design-HTML
DGMS-227 Ultrasound Case Studies II
ECES-101 Prin/Pract of Erly Chldhd Ed
ECES-111 Intro to Child Development
ECES-202 Activity Programming
ECON-205 Principles of Economics
ECON-206 Principles of Economics
ENGL-100 Intro to College Composition
ENGL-101 English Composition
ENGL-102 English Composition
FITN-105 Principles of Nutrition
GEOG-101 Physical Geography
GEOG-104 World Geography
GUID-103 Online Orientation
GUID-109 First Year College Experience
HIST-101 History of Western Civ
HIST-102 History of Western Civ
HIST-103 History of the United States
HIST-104 History of the United States
HIST-147 History of Diversities
HIST-150 Latin American History
HLTH-102 Human Health and Wellness
LAWO-205 Criminal Justice Physical Fit
LAWO-265 Crt Procedure and Evidence
LAWO-275 Justice Administration
LEAD-150 Leadership Development
LITO-103 Introduction to Literature
LITO-218 Children`s Literature
MATH-101 Basic Mathematics
MATH-102 Elementary Algebra
MATH-107 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-130 Intro to Contemporary Math
MATH-134 College Algebra
MATH-136 General Statistics
MATH-143 Finite Mathematics
MATH-160 Precalculus
MATH-246 Calculus Busn.& Social Science
MEDT-104 Medical Terminology
MUSC-101 Intro to Music in America
MUSC-107 Music Appreciation
MUSC-206 Elementary Music Methods
OFTC-150 Medical Terminology/Anatomy
OFTC-252 Med Terminology & Transcrpton
PHED-117 Jogging
PHED-245 Introduction to Coaching
PHED-250 Intro to Physical Education
PHLE-119 Core Values/Ethical Decision
PHLE-120 Ethics
PHLE-121 Introduction to Philosophy
POLS-101 Political Science
PSCI-101 Astronomy
PSCI-180 Atmospheric Science
PSYH-100 Life Span Growth & Develop
PSYH-101 Psychology
PSYH-215 Child Psychology
PSYH-216 Adolescent Psychology
SOCO-101 Sociology
SPAN-101 Spanish
SPAN-102 Spanish
SPAN-203 Spanish
SPAN-204 Spanish
SPCH-103 Fundamentals of Speech
VOCS-253 Enhanced Leadership Skills
VOCS-272 Dev. KC Student Worker Skills

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