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Music Classes
2013 Spring 
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Course #Title
MUSC-100 Concert Choir
MUSC-101 Intro to Music in America
MUSC-104 Community Chorale
MUSC-105 Band
MUSC-106 KC Blues (Jazz/Show Choir)
MUSC-107 Music Appreciation
MUSC-115 Applied Music: Private Strings
MUSC-116 Music Fundamentals
MUSC-117 Stage Band
MUSC-118 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC-119 Instrumental Ensemble
MUSC-121 Pep-Band
MUSC-123 Music Theory II
MUSC-125 Applied Music: Priv. Woodwinds
MUSC-126 App. Music: Priv. Woodwinds II
MUSC-131 Percussion Ensemble
MUSC-136 App. Music Priv Percussion II
MUSC-137 Aural Skills I
MUSC-138 Aural Skills II
MUSC-142 Class Piano II
MUSC-156 Applied Music Priv. Brass II
MUSC-164 Applied Music: Private Voice I
MUSC-165 Applied Music: Private Voice
MUSC-185 Applied Music: Private Strings
MUSC-202 Aural Skills IV
MUSC-206 Elementary Music Methods
MUSC-207 Intro to Music Hist and Lit
MUSC-223 Music Theroy IV
MUSC-236 App Music Priv Percussion IV
MUSC-242 Class Piano IV
MUSC-290 Introduction to Conducting
MUSC-299 AFA Portfolio

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