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Work Ethics

Today’s workforce is demanding and competitive. Employees must not only have good technical skills but demonstrate positive, cooperative attitudes. Kaskaskia College is dedicated in preparing students, as well as existing employees with business and technical skills and also interpersonal skills needed to excel in today’s workplace.

Three primary results of the Work Ethics Program make it a winning proposition for all concerned. These results are:
  • Students begin employment with positive work ethic skills which will enhance their value as employees.
  • Instructors develop more motivated and attentive students.
  • Employers acquire employees with desirable work habits.
Here are the 10 Modules of Work Ethics that we cover:
  • Attendance
    Attends class, arrives/leaves on time, notifies the instructor in advance of planned absences, and makes up assignments punctually.
  • Character
    Displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, initiative, self-discipline, and self-responsibility.
  • Teamwork
    Is a team worker, is cooperative, is assertive, displays a customer service attitude, seeks opportunities for continuous learning, and displays mannerly behavior.
  • Appearance
    Displays appropriate dress, grooming, hygiene, and etiquette.
  • Attitude
    Demonstrates a positive attitude, appears self-confident, and has realistic expectations of self.
  • Productivity
    Follows safety practices, conserves materials, keeps work area neat and clean, follows directions, and procedures.
  • Organization
    Manifests skill in personal management, time management, prioritizing, flexibility, stress management, and dealing with change.
  • Communication
    Displays appropriate nonverbal and verbal skills.
  • Cooperation
    Displays leadership, appropriately handles criticism and complaints, demonstrates problem-solving capability, maintains appropriate relationships with supervisors and peers, and follows chain of command.
  • Respect
    Respects the rights of others, deals appropriately with cultural/racial diversity, and does not engage in harassment of any kind.
Management and Supervisory Training
Management is the key element of any business success or failure. The two-year Business Management Program at Kaskaskia College is designed to serve as a vehicle where an individual may develop a broad range of managerial skills. Courses in management, supervision, and human resource management prepare employees to assume a leadership role in their organization. This program is well suited for working students who aspire to enter a management position in your organization.

Leadership Training
We offer unique leadership training that prepares your employees to lead your company to success. This training can be held at any of our Education facilities located throughout our district or conveniently at your location.

Leaders are not born, they are made!
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